Ways to Promoting your new product/service

New products require major advertising cost to promote new products within target customers. But the success depends on how wisely we spend that money in various advertising strategies. Targeting customer in new ways is very important as that would project the company’s status effectively within target audience. Retail companies are following various kind of advertisement tactics and most of us think that retail industry advertisements will not work for others. Here are few scenarios on how and why do we need to try retail industry advertisement tactics in non-retail industry products/services.

Strategy 1: Send a sample to your targeting customers



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Wish you a very happy and prosperous new year

Dear World,

I wish you a very happy and prosperous new year. May you get everything needed. Celebrate the day with joy and happiness

 – Bizzhy

January 1, 2009 at 4:46 pm 2 comments

Flaw in Google Maps..

Like so people in the world, I was also a fan of Google products. I like to try all it products and use them. Google maps falls under the list too. When it comes to Maps, I didn’t try anything other that G Maps. But two months ago, when I tried to find a specific apartment in a city, Google showed me an emply land instead of that Apartment. My friend is staying in that apartment and she invited me for lunch. I was little confused when I saw an empty land.  Because I believe Google is updating its products regularly.



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How Often are you in Touch with your Opt-in’s?

In simple, how often are you contacting the contacts in your database? Getting opt-in’s are very difficult these days and we should be very careful in contacting them with a particular pitch. There are numerous businesses in the world and we are also one of the customers of many companies. how often would we expect our supplier to contact us? This should be taken care well.

For example, I’m the customer of a bank. I often getting calls for so many of their services and sometimes i loose my temper. I prefer the way of communication through email. I mark that as unread and check it whenever i get some time.

But how often would i expect my bank to contact me through email or even by calling me directly? I prefer a call once in 2 months and an email once in a month. If i get more and more sales calls and email, I’ll unsubscribe everything and work peacefully.


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My SharePoint Experience as a Manager

SharePoint plays a major role in my everyone working life. I started using it properly when my company has recreated an intranet portal SharePoint. It’s user friendly and also you can easily share the files with your team anywhere, anytime. Also, you can access all the information any time. In my team, each one is sitting in different time zone. Also, I hate to download a big MB of file from my outlook. that made me sick when i did every time.


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Are you interested in Cold Calling? – How would you prepare yourself?

As we everyone know, cold calling is the oldest technique which plays a major part in sales techniques. Cold calling is different than telemarketing.

Telemarketing is the one in which the telemarketer doesn’t care about what his/her client’s business. They don’t care/know even if the client needs their service/product.

Cold Calling is totally different from telemarketing. For cold calling, you should definitely need to research on the company and the person designation you are going to call. You should know how would your service/product help them or their company.


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How Customer Service would help you to attain more Sales?

Its very hot in chennai. So, I start my day very early and ends after the moon arise. I don’t like to go out in afternoon’s and burn my skin. I go out for a break to a nearby restaurant and have something and be back around 5 pm. I opened a packet of chips’s today and found a stapler pin. I was shocked. I found an email address at the back side of the packet and emailed them. But, for gods sake, it’s bounced.


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